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We don't only take care of the products, but also provide logistics processing services to meet the needs of our customers. We support your business with all kinds of menus that add value to your products.

  1. Assembly work reduces overall logistics costs

    Assembly work reduces overall logistics costs

    Assembly work far from the delivery destination causes deterioration of transportation efficiency, and in terms of inventory, storage of finished products increases, which causes a high cost structure.
    At Logicom, we propose to reduce the overall logistics cost by improving the efficiency of product transportation, reducing the inventory of assembled parts, and flexibly responding to JIT delivery by performing assembly work near the delivery destination.

    Improve transport efficiency

    Improve transport efficiency

    By transporting parts before they are assembled, we can reduce "dead space" and increase transportation efficiency.

    Reduce inventory

    Reduce inventory

    By assembling near the delivery destination, it is possible to reduce the "inventory". Customers no longer need to stock "components" and "finished parts", and can use the space effectively.

    Reduce transport damage

    Reduce transport damage

    Since the distance to transport finished parts is shortened, the probability of quality complaints during transportation is reduced.

  2. Thorough quality control by various inspections

    Thorough quality control by various inspections

    We can handle strict quality inspections by people, equipment, and equipment in accordance with the high quality control standards of automobile manufacturers. We have abundant achievements in various inspections such as visual inspection and continuity inspection.

  3. Careful packing work considering transportation

    Careful packing work considering transportation.

    When delivering long-distance transportation, we consider the transportation process and perform packaging with less damage to the product. In addition, when shipping overseas, mold may occur due to humidity, so we pack carefully according to the characteristics and conditions of the product.

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