Trust and Contribution

Pursue time appropriate "trust" and "contribution“.


By valuing the customer’s expectation,
sincerely confronting the challenges of both management and field operations
maximally utilizing the knowledge and experience we have cultivated to date,
and continuously challenging the past common sense,
We shall keep supporting the manufacturing segment, our economical backbone,
In order to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society,
as well as continue supplying the happiness of all parties, including employees and their families.


  • We shall continue self-improvement and proposal-active manner to increase our knowledge and experience with our pride as the professional of logistics-centered business.
  • We shall actively cooperate each other with full of individuality and confidence respectfully to provide the applause that exceeds their expectation and anticipation.
  • We shall continuously be a businessperson with engaging attitude on any circumstances, active executions, and responsibilities.
  • We shall value the diversity of individuals as members of society, and keep truthful with courtesy towards any stakeholders.


Passionate Logistics

No matter how excellent skills we have or advanced facilities we own,
Without every single employee’s enthusiasm towards our jobs,
No service can be distributed to our customers with greater satisfaction.
Gazing the unpredictable future of the tumultuous automobile industry,
passion and convictions are inevitable for accomplishing new achievements.
This slogan has such mottoes we should keep in mind.

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