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System Development

Fusion of logistics and IT

We believe that fusion of logistics and IT can expand various possibilities. For that, however, a system development department is indispensable.
Therefore we put at the base, and have kept changing it to meet the timely needs.
In the "IT" business, systems can become out of time in a few years. Thus we think it is important to be flexible to the environment.

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"Knowledge" and "Experience" to the [future]

We think knowledge and experience accumulated through the ages should be studied to move in the next generation.
We turn the result of the studies to "quality improvement", "cost reduction" and "new service", and serve for customers with them.

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Communicating with customer also in "IT"

Image: Communication infrastructure, communication procedure

We provide various "communications infrastructures" and "communication procedures" with "IT" to communicate.
When people exchange "information", the problem which often arises is their "interface". Besides, in people's strong cost-consciousness, building new "communications infrastructures" and "communication procedures" become more difficult.
In the circumstances, however, we have communicated with various customers in IT and built various communications infrastructures and communication procedures. Thus, we would like to keep developing new "communication" method, and enhance "relationship " with our customers in "IT sector".