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Domestic Logistics

We want to send our products to some car makers. Is it able to deliver products to more than one carmaker?
Yes, we don’t belong to any carmakers nor parts makers. We deliver your products to all makers.
Each carmaker has its own procurement system. Is there any problem to support each of them?
No problem. We support all procurement systems of Japanese carmakers. We cut your system adopting costs.
How do you set the cost?
We charge you on a piece basis. You can minimize your payment according to the volume of your products. We offer you a payment method.
Do you support pickup from factories in other countries?
We arrange Door to Door delivery from foreign countries with our network.
Do you surpport repacking and inspection of our products?
We offer repacking and inspection services.

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International Logistics

Do we need any documents for import / export?
For customs, we need an invoice and a packing list. If any other documents are needed, we will ask you.
Do you van or devan cargoes in your space?
In some of our branches, we van or devan cargoes. We also have bonded areas (or places) in Kitakyushu, Yamaguchi, Hiroshima and Okayama Branches.
Can you give us a quotation for delivery from China?
Yes, our staff in Shanghai office supports your request.
Can you give us a quotation for distribution from Thailand?
Yes, our staff in Laem Chabang office support your request.

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What kind of products do you process?
We mainly produce car parts. We also produce some products for construction.
What kind of materials do you process?
For detailed information, please visit the Manufacture page. For other materials, please contact us.
Can you process anything other than round bars?
Yes, we also process plate materials and TSUS. For other materials, please contact us.
Do you integrate production?
Please give us a drawing sheet to build mold, make products and deliver products.
What can you do other than mass production?
With your drawing sheet, we make test production. About quantity or process, please contact us.
Do you deliver to other prefectures from your branches?
With our network, we deliver everywhere in Japan. For outside Japan, we deliver with our partners.