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Company policy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Constitution
  • We always make a good proposal to our customers and ensure confidence and satisfaction.
  • We enrich the heart of employees. Enriched hearts create enriched results of work, and it will create a better society.
Basic Policy
  • Our first priority is reliability.
Corporate Philosophy
  • People connect people, information, items.
  • As a people-based company, we connect people using network and communication with passion.

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Management Philosophy

Business Attitude

We go into the parts business such as automobile, and discover new value and future.
We esteem each one of us.
<Corporate Culture>
We are the company which everyone can suggest their opinions. 
Ideal Workplace
  • We brighten up our workplace and encourage every employee to be more creative.
  • We always keep items & information clear and get workplace well-organized, in order to provide the best logistics services.
  • Gathering each one's power, we make us "trustworthy and contributing".

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Action Philosophy

Action Rules
  • We ensure proper managements and confidence, and bond relationship with customers and colleagues.
  • We create high added values while always being cost-conscious.
  • We work, always thinking how we can make a better performance.


Our slogan for L70 plan is 【Passion logistics】.
We all provide services that satisfy our customers with passion and belief toward the 70th anniversary of 2029.